Communications / Assessment

This page provides explanations of some of the more common terms used in Health and Social Care when dealing with a referral.

Agency Checks

Carried out by the (duty) social work team that has received the referral.  Information from Agency Checks inform what further action may be necessary.  Consent from the child's parent(s) may be needed prior to making checks, dependant on whether such consent is likely to cause risk of harm to the child or to another. It may be necessary to decide on what further action is necessary prior to information being received from Agency Checks.

Strategy discussion

Strategy discussions can be through telephone discussion or through a face to face meeting.  The purpose of this discussion is to make decisions about whether to initiate joint/single police/social work investigation.  The strategy discussion also considers what information is to be given to others, especially to parents. Decisions made at the strategy discussion need to be clear and recorded.

Joint/Single Police/Social Work Enquiry

The initial joint/single police or social work investigation/enquiry into incident will include discussions with parents and child.  This investigation/enquiry may lead to medical examination by paediatrician/GP as appropriate.

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment is carried out by the social worker to explore what further action should be taken.  This further action could be:

Core Assessment

A core assessment provides a structured, in-depth assessment of a child's needs where their circumstances are complex. The Core Assessment Record provides a structured framework for social workers to record information gathered from a variety of sources to provide evidence for their professional judgements, facilitate analysis, decision making and planning. The core assessment must address the My World Triangle in depth.