A key decision of the conference is whether the child should be registered, as being considered to be at risk, and therefore in need of a child protection plan.


The child protection conference chair must explain the following at the beginning of each conference:

The child protection register is a list of names of children who live in Guernsey and Alderney who are considered to be at risk and who are subject to a child protection plan. This child protection plan details how the child will be protected from serious harm and who is responsible for doing specific actions.  It is a means of co-ordinating information and support.   A child protection conference cannot make the decision to remove a child from the care of their parents or carers.  The child protection conference can request a referral is made to the Children's Convenor and/or that a legal threshold meeting is called if a child is not able to be protected from serious harm through a child protection plan. The Islands Child Protection Committee monitors use of the child protection register through the Monitoring and Evaluation Sub Committee.

The child's name can be registered under one, or more, of the following:

Functions of the Register

To assist the identification and management of children who are considered to be at risk by pooling information and overseeing protection plans.

To provide statistical and research information to the agencies represented on the Islands Child Protection Committee on the incidence of child abuse.


The register contains limited information on a child and family.  It includes the full names, including known other names, dates of birth and current and previous addresses of a child. Also, names of the general practitioner, social worker, other agencies involved and the dates of case conferences held on those children. In addition, it maintains a record of all enquiries in respect of a particular child or family.

All agencies' records are held independently.

No child's name can be placed on the register without the knowledge of the parents. If a child's name is placed on the register, the parents must be informed in writing by the child protection conference chair.

Access to the Register

The Child Protection Register is kept up to date by Children's Services, on behalf of the agencies represented on the Islands Safeguarding Children Partnership. Senior personnel of these agencies are entitled to access the register.

Enquiries should be made to:

Tracey McColl
Children and Family Community Services
Perruque House
Rue de la Perruque
St Peter Port
Tel: 256923

Out of office hours the register is accessed through the out of hours duty social worker, tel no: 725241