Probation Service

The Probation Service have an important role to play in ensuring that children and young people are kept safe from harm.

The Probation Service is a section of the Committee for Home Affairs and is committed to multi agency working.

The primary aims of the Probation Service are the protection of the public and reduction of re-offending, including giving due regard to the protection and welfare of children.

This is achieved by providing the Criminal Court with reports relating to risk and risk reduction (Social Enquiry Report), and the management of offenders, including:-

Throughout the above processes Probation Officers are in contact with, or are supervising, offenders who present a risk or potential harm to children.

They also supervise offenders who are parents/carers of children and have contact with or supervise children and young people.

By working with these people to challenge their offending behaviour and improve their lifestyles, together with providing relevant information to partner agencies, Probation Officers endeavour to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Probation Officers have a duty, via Service procedures, to report any 'child protection' concerns in accordance with Inter Agency Guidelines.