Other Health

Other health staff will come across children who may need extra support, or be in need of protection and the responsibility to address these needs applies equally.

All doctors who see children must:

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General Practitioners and their employed staff

All GPs have a duty to maintain their skills in the recognition of abuse, and to be familiar with the procedures to be followed if abuse is suspected. They and any staff they employ should take part in supervision and training, including regular updates, about safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

Each General Practice must have access to the Guernsey and Alderney Child Protection Guidelines.

Doctor's Practices must have clear administrative systems to identify children (and their siblings) who are the subject of a child protection plan, and there must be procedures for sharing information on a need to know basis with relevant professionals in respect of all children about whom there are concerns.

GPs should endeavour to attend all initial and other relevant child protection conferences or, if they are unable to attend, make available relevant information about a child and family.

Guernsey Contraceptive Service

The Guernsey Contraceptive Service has a a policy for dealing with child protection which includes an assessment of all under 16's according to the Fraser guidelines and Gillick competence. This encompasses a social/home and school assessment and liaison with other professionals.  This is with the child's knowledge.  The Fraser guidelines and Gillick competence are important when providing a contraceptive service and provide a measure to identify what the child's ability is to make decisions for themselves.