Step Seven: Review

All assessments which lead to a plan for a child will be subject to regular review to ensure that they are making a positive difference to the child and to the level of risk posed to them. Whilst this will usually happen as part of the child protection, children in need or children looked after reviewing process, it is imperative that plans are also reviewed in supervision in the light of any change in the child or adults' circumstances and the impact of this on the identified risk factors and strengths.

Supervision should be proactively used to monitor the progress of risk management plans and to re-evaluate the risk analysis in the light of new information, including, for example, changes in social worker or failure to access or achieve a service which is part of the protective plan.

Child Protection Conferences

All child protection conferences should be informed by risk assessment carried out within this stepwise framework, and using the tools identified above where child sexual abuse is suspected or confirmed.

The management of child protection conferences will also draw upon the signs of safety model and will ensure that all participants, including parents, are clear about:

This will lead to a clear and defined plan focused on the safety of the child, and on action which is proportionate to the level of concern and identified dangers as evidenced in the assessment.

Initial conferences may require a longer and more in depth assessment using the stepwise approach and the core group should be responsible for managing this and the resulting analysis and recommendations to the review conference.


Risk analysis is a dynamic process and must be continuously reviewed against the framework and models provided here.