Children moving into Guernsey or Alderney

Children who move into Guernsey or Alderney and are already subject to a child protection plan will need further assessment and a 'transfer in' conference to determine whether the plan needs to continue while the child is resident in one of the islands.

The worker taking the information will direct the caller to the social work assessment team manager who will:

The child protection registrar will then ensure that details of the child's  name, D.O.B and current address are placed on the Islands' child protection register on a temporary basis pending the transfer in child protection case conference.

Transfer-in conference

The transfer child protection case conference should take place within the same timescale as an initial child protection case conference, i.e. 10 working days.

For the child's name to be entered on the Islands' child protection register, the criteria for registration must be met at the time of the transfer conference.