Case conference minutes

It is the responsibility of the chair of the conference to ensure a clear record is made of every case conference.


The outline of the child protection plan will be drawn up immediately following the conference. The minutes will follow within 10 working days of the meeting.

Parental copy

The parents who attend the case conference will receive a record of the minute, unless the chair has made the decision that these minutes will be restricted from them.

If the minutes are inaccurate ...

If any person who attended the meeting believes they have been misreported, they should contact the chair immediately.

If the chair agrees that the minutes are significantly in error, they will be amended.  If the amendment is minor the error can be noted and brought to the attention of the next case conference.


Where a professional does not agree with any recording of the minute, and agreement cannot be reached with the chair of the case conference, the matter should be discussed with line managers. Only if line managers cannot agree then the matter should be referred to the Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Service Manager for Children and Family Community Services (telephone 256923), who will bring this to the attention of the Chair of the Islands Safeguarding Children Partnership. Consideration will then be given to referring the matter to the ISCP Learning and Improvement sub-committee.

The child's view must be a standard heading recorded in all minutes of child protection case conferences.