Care Requirement

A Care Requirement is the legal order made by the Child Youth and Community Tribunal (CYCT) placing a child under the supervisory care of the States.

What does a care requirement mean?

The purpose of a care requirement is to protect the child and promote their welfare and to assist the parents or carers to provide appropriate care, protection, guidance and control for the child. A care requirement can include conditions, for example: where a child should live or with whom they have contact.

A care requirement can last for a maximum of one year, although it can be renewed. It will be reviewed by the CYCT at a given period and may be discharged or varied.

A care requirement does not automatically grant full parental responsibility to the Committee for Health and Social Care. The Committee and anyone else named in a care requirement condition, will be entitled to exercise parental responsibility, to the extent necessary to make the condition of the care requirement effective.  An example of this would be taking a child to medical appointments.

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